CRONIMET Nordic OÜ is a member of the international CRONIMET group dealing with the purchase and sale of scrap metal.

The company is engaged in collection and unloading of scrap metal in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Poland and Venezuela. The company buys scrap metal from various countries and exports to various markets around the world.

The predecessor of CRONIMET Nordic OÜ, Eesti Metall OÜ, started buying scrap metal in Jõgeva in 2000. The company has grown steadily and today there are seven scrap metal collection points in Estonia.

We import, export and process various metals. We also accept cables, electronic waste, transformers and batteries.  We provide the service of collecting and dismantling scrap metal at the customer's site.

CRONIMET Nordic OÜ's scrap yards


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